The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.

Burhani Hardware Dealers

– 4 decades and steel going strong.

Welcome To Burhani Hardware Dealers

Burhani Hardware Dealers has grown and diversified over the 4 decades into one of the largest multi-product steel trader in Kenya. Using the finest of metals for our products, we deciphering differences strive and work for our customers to provide the best products, all while keeping the price super friendly and affordable also while offering a diverse amount of hardware products like polycarbonate roof sheets, tmt bars, msflat bars to satisfy every customer’s needs.

Service We Provide

What sets BHD apart from its competitors is the great attention to detail at which all our services are executed. We are unique in that we offer efficient and timely deliveries, polycarbonate roof sheets have an ever-growing and evolving range of quality product, yet at the heart of everything we offer, is a passion for providing our customers value for their money.