Various Types Of Polycarbonate Sheets

Various Types Of Polycarbonate Sheets

Imagine sitting with a cup of tea under a transparent roofing and enjoying your morning from the balcony. Great, isn’t it?. These transparent sheets don’t block the sunlight but let their rays pass through them. These sheets are known as polycarbonate sheets and are one of the popular sheets in the west. Initially, agricultural and commercial sectors used roofing sheets but, lately, there is a huge demand for them in the residential sectors as well. The roofing industry has seen double the rate of installations in the past two years. That too, with the production of polycarbonate sheets, the roofing industry has grown to new heights. The polycarbonate roofing has excellent qualities and can withstand any environmental conditions. These sheets are made from polypropylene resin and are available in various sizes and compositions. Hence, let us know more about various types of polycarbonate sheets and their uses.

Solid polycarbonate sheets:

The solid polycarbonate sheets have a flat structure that is suitable for house owners. The durability of the sheet is high and has excellent resistance to impact. The solid polycarbonate sheets are made from high-quality resin and are 250 times stronger than the glass sheets. Therefore, these sheets are unbreakable. They allow 90% of sunlight to pass through them while preventing harmful UV rays. Some solid polycarbonate sheets are pebble-finished and used for windows where privacy matters and in public places as overhead. Some sheets are embedded with a textured pattern similar to frosted glasses. Whether the sheet is solid, pebbled, or textured, they withstand harsh conditions and possess chemical and thermal properties. These sheets are ideal for conservatories, balconies, greenhouses, and many more. Nowadays, jsw colour coated sheets come in an opaque finish for maximum privacy.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets:

They are wave-like in structure and reinforced with a double-layer of polycarbonate resin. The corrugated polycarbonate sheets are 200 times stronger than the glass sheets and have high resistance to impact. They have excellent insulation against hot and cold temperatures. The optical property in the sheet stays longer than in the glass sheet. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are available in a wide range and sizes. It is suitable for daylight harvesting, commercial, residential, warehouse, and industrial purposes.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets:

It is a more popular polycarbonate sheet than the other sheets. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets also have a wave-like structure and are made from high polycarbonate resin. They transmit a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 25% sunlight. These sheets can tolerate harsh weather conditions and retain their mechanical properties at -40 degrees to +120 degrees celsius. They have advanced heat reflection and light transmission. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are used in cladding, balcony safety barriers, carports, pergolas, and many more.

Polycarbonate sheets are the sturdiest sheets and last for many years. Hence, to have sturdy polycarbonate sheets, the framework should be stable. If you are in search of purlins, you can purchase them from Burhani Hardware Delaers.